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Jonathan Lin



B.S. Chemical biology, B.A. Music, UC Berkeley 2017

From:  San Jose, CA

Joined the David Lab: January 2018

Outside of lab: Music and the ergometer



Research in the David Lab

Oxidative damage to DNA can cause genetic mutations that lead to cancer. A lack of activity by DNA repair enzymes such as glycosylases deters the removal of these damaged DNA base pairs. Using synthetic methods, I develop nucleoside/nucleotide analogues that will serve as inhibitors of various DNA glycosylases. Doing so will allow us to “trap” these enzymes in action, in vitro and potentially in vivo, for structural and enzymatic studies. In addition, these analogues may be used to help develop pharmaceuticals to fight cancer.

Previous Research Experience:

As a visiting researcher in Dr. Ken Wong’s lab at the National Cheng-Kung University Medical School (Tainan, Taiwan), I sought after a non-invasive method to detect the onset of squamous cell carcinoma in dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa patients through analysis of patients’ wound fluids.



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