We bid you adieu, Holly Vickery!

David Lab researcher Holly Vickery is off to graduate school, and the David Lab wishes her farewell. Holly worked on multiple projects as a research scientist in the David Lab. One project was focused on measuring the cellular repair efficiency of MutY variants, while another project revolved around optimizing a purification technique of MUTYH for higher yields and purity. Holly is moving on to graduate school as part of the Chemistry and…

New Manuscript Published: Selective base excision repair of DNA damage by the non‐base‐flipping DNA glycosylase AlkC.

New Manuscript Published: Selective base excision repair of DNA damage by the non‐base‐flipping DNA glycosylase AlkC. The preservation of genomic integrity performed by DNA repair machinery is crucial for living organisms, and malfunctions in DNA repair machinery can have far-reaching and devastating effects on a cell’s ability to attain precise DNA replication, properly regulate cell differentiation and self-renewal, and to regulate cell growth and apoptosis, among other important cellular functions….

David Lab Graduate Student Spotlight: Nicole N. Nuñez

8/28/2017 Presenting the David Lab Graduate Student Spotlight, featuring Nicole Nuñez. We discuss with Nicole how she found her way onto the STEM pathway she is currently traveling as she is completing her Ph.D, and Nicole details the powerful motivation behind her passion for investigating the mechanisms of cancer, and how her path helped lead her to the David Lab. Members of the David Lab chime in with what they…

Best Wishes to David Lab researchers Taylor, Jazmin, and Beili!

8/11/2017 As summer continues to roll on, and summer REU’s are approaching their completion, we have to say goodbye to our summer REU researchers Jazmin and Beili, and to recently graduated David Lab researchers like Taylor who are moving on to graduate school. →Taylor McCart, who recently graduated from UC Davis with a B.S. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, is moving on to seek her M.S. in Biochemistry at California State University,…

Farewell Young Scholar Garrett Ma!

8/4/2017 Garrett has spent the summer in the David Lab conducting advanced research alongside graduate student lab members Nicole and Cindy as part of the UC Davis Young Scholars Program. Even good things come to an end, and in following with David Lab tradition, Garrett leaves his mark before saying goodbye. We wish Garrett the best of luck in the future! UC Davis Young Scholars Program  

Just Accepted Manuscript: Structure Activity Relationships Reveal Key Features of 8- Oxoguanine:Adenine Mismatch Detection by the MutY DNA Glycosylase

7/20/2017 The recently accepted manuscript, Structure Activity Relationships Reveal Key Features of 8-Oxoguanine:Adenine Mismatch Detection by the MutY DNA Glycosylase, was accepted for publication in ACS Chemical Biology. MutY, remarkably, is able to specifically recognize and initiate repair of target OG:A mismatches from among a vast sea of natural DNA. To help reveal molecular features of OG that are critical for MutY recognition, this work explored the effects of systematic OG:A…

Just Accepted Manuscript: S K-edge XAS Studies of the Effect of DNA Binding on the [Fe4S4] Site in EndoIII and MutY

7/18/2017 Check out the latest manuscript from the David Lab and collaborators: S K-edge XAS Studies of the Effect of DNA Binding on the [Fe4S4] Site in EndoIII and MutY, which was recently accepted for publication in JACS. In this work, the iron-sulfur clusters of DNA repair glycosylases Endonuclease III and MutY were examined using S K-edge X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS) in order to investigate DNA binding and solvation effects on Fe-S…

Dare to Repair with Nicole Nuñez

6/6/2017 Take a walk with Nicole Nuñez as she illustrates how the David Lab investigates DNA repair.

Congratulations to Doug Banda and coworkers!

5/31/2017 Congratulations to David Lab authors Doug, Nicole, Michael, and Katie on their recently released article, “Repair of 8-OXOG:A Mismatches by the MUTYH Glycosylase: Mechanisms, Metals and Medicine,” in Free Radical Biology and Medicine! The final version of the article is now available online. Link to their new article here: https://authors.elsevier.com/a/1V8Lr3AkHAI6DS.