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Best Wishes to David Lab researchers Taylor, Jazmin, and Beili!


As summer continues to roll on, and summer REU’s are approaching their completion, we have to say goodbye to our summer REU researchers Jazmin and Beili, and to recently graduated David Lab researchers like Taylor who are moving on to graduate school.

Taylor McCart, who recently graduated from UC Davis with a B.S. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, is moving on to seek her M.S. in Biochemistry at California State University, Northridge. Taylor worked with graduate student mentor Brittany Anderson-Steele, and spent a total of two years conducting research in the David Lab. We will miss Taylor here at the David Lab, but we are proud she is moving forward to graduate school, and we know she is ready to succeed at the next level.

Taylor, Brittany, and Sheila say goodbye. Good luck at CSUN, Taylor!


Taylor marks her permanent spot in the David Lab.


Jazmin Stenson spent the summer as an undergraduate researcher in the David Lab working with postdoctoral researcher Alan Raetz via the Chemistry and Chemical Biology Graduate Admissions Pathways Program (CCBGAP) from Xavier University of Louisiana. Jazmin is completing her B.S. in Biochemistry at Xavier University of Louisiana next year. 

Chemistry and Chemical Biology Graduate Admissions Pathways Program:



Jazmin says goodbye to Alan and Sheila as she gets ready to finish her degree at Xavier.


Jazmin leaves her fingerprint on the David Lab wall.



Beili Huang participated in summer research at the David Lab via the ACS Project SEED Program. Beili worked with graduate student mentor Kori Lay, and is starting on her B.S. in Chemical Engineering at UC Davis this fall.

ACS Project SEED Program:



Beili is ready to start her Chemical Engineering degree at UC Davis as she leaves her fingerprint in the David Lab with her summer research graduate student mentor Kori.


Good luck Taylor, Jazmin, and Beili! Thank you for your hard work in the David Lab!


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